Wider contexts

1. Historical, sociological and cultural context: knowledge about Shakespeare, his time and his theatre

Learning Check                                            


Student A

                Student B

1. When did Shakespeare live? (1564-1616)



2. At Shakespeare’s time was England a Catholic or a Protestant country?


3. When was Macbeth written? (1605/1606)



4. The Elizabethans believed that God created everything in a strict hierarchy that stretched from God down to the lowest things in existence. What was this hierarchy called?     (The Chain of Being)

5. What was “The Globe”?

(an open-air circular theatre where Shakespeare’s plays were performed from 1599 onwards)



6. What is the Globe today?

(A reconstruction of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre close to its original site)

7. Do you know the names of four great tragedies written by Shakespeare?

(Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth)





8. Where was Shakespeare born and buried?  (in Stratford-upon-Avon)

9. When did James become King of England?                   (1603)



10. Where does Macbeth take place? (in Scotland)

11. When was Elisabeth I Queen of England?




12. Who played the women’s roles at Shakespeare’s time? (boys)