3. Vocabulary. Use the words to fill in the gaps

3. Use the words below to fill in the gaps:


mitigating    punished    offenders    compassion    

inexplicable    secular    abduction    mental    commit


Whatever your views on God, the distinction is appealing. In our ________________________ world,


where crimes are ___________________________, we need to believe that someone who commits an


______________________act of violence or physical cruelty, such as torture, child


_______________________________or murder, has freely chosen to do so. We accept that there may


be ___________________________________circumstances, including diminished responsibility or


_______________________________illness. What we find most chilling are crimes that are planned,


where _________________________________have a goal in mind and demonstrate control. Like Uma


Thurman’s character in Quentin Tarantino’s film Kill Bill, people who ________________________such


crimes are seen as unambiguously morally evil. “It’s mercy, _________________________and


forgiveness I lack,” she says, “not rationality.”