1. Vocabulary: form a new word from the words in italics that fits in the gap

a) A gene ______________________________ is a permanent change in the DNA sequence that makes up


 a gene.   to mutate


b) They saw a baby with a very rare facial _______________________________.   to deform


c) The expression “you little ______________________________” is often used to describe poorly behaved


children as a colourful but figurative way of saying “bad”.   monstrous


d) Functional ____________________________ is a term used to describe inadequate reading and writing


skills.   illiterate


e) What he wrote was still ____________________________________ though his handwriting was shaky.



f) You can call a person ___________________________________ if he is disgusting and despicable.



4. Find information on the internet about Freud’s model of the mind

You may find the following link useful:



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