Comprehension and analysis

1 g. List the information we get about Connie when she is at home and when she is with her friends

At home

With her friends




























Comprehension and analysis

2. Station learning (p. 165, l. 1 - p. 171, l. 33). Station instructions

2. Station learning (p. 165, l. 1 - p. 171, l. 33). Station instructions.

Introductory task:

In pairs prepare cards for a memory game (Pelmanism). The teacher distributes a word from the list below to each pair. Each pair then writes two cards: on one card you write the word from the list that you are responsible for, on the other you write the translation and a short sentence where the word is used.


sullen             shaggy           shabby           convertible    jalopy            wig                sideburns

smirk             fidget             reluctant        dawdle          amiable         slippery         incredulous  

blur               exasperated   reassure        perpetual


Work in groups of 4-6 and spend eight minutes at each station. You then have two minutes to move to the next station.



Station 1

Memory game: Spread all of the cards on a table and take turns turning two cards over. You get points when you find a matching pair.


Station 2

Make a poster that tells the public that Arnold Friend is wanted. It must include a drawing and a description.


Station 3

Account for the development in Connie’s feelings. Draw a line and place the different stages on it as well as a comment on what made Connie feel that way. Find examples from the text to substantiate your comments and add the references on your line.


Station 4

How do we learn that Arnold Friend is dangerous? Account for the development in his behaviour. Also comment on p. 167, ll. 28-29 “sniffing as if … all a joke.”


Station 5

a. What role does music play? Find examples in the text.

b. Describe the car. What is the significance of the words painted on the side?


Station 6

Dramatize p. 166 l. 3 - p. 167 l. 17


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