Learning check

1. Ideoms check

What is the English for:


let blive ophidset ________________________________________________________________


gå i opløsning ___________________________________________________________________ 


tage sig (godt) betalt _____________________________________________________________  


den sidste dråbe _________________________________________________________________ 


der er ingen grænser for succesen _________________________________________________


tage tingene, som de kommer _____________________________________________________ 


Learning check

2. Written assignment: short story including idioms

Collective authorship: Write a short short story of 101 words about an issue which you consider relevant in the world today. The final story must contain four of the idioms above. First, agree on a theme, secondly each group member will write the 25 first words or the first paragraph. Read all the paragraphs aloud, and decide which should be the group’s first paragraph. Do the same for the next four paragraphs. At the end, polish your story off, making sure that it is grammatically correct AND that you have remembered all the idioms. Read the story to the class.


Wider contexts

1. Literary context: author’s use of the fable genre

The text is based on a fable, a so-called ‘cumulative fable’ where more and more characters follow the main character on his/her quest. There are different versions of this story about a chicken who thinks the sky is falling after an acorn has fallen on its head. In some, the fox eats them all at the end. In other versions, the chicken manages to get to the king and tell him the tale, and in some the chicken just manages to escape. Hence the moral of the story differs. The happy endings encourage “not being a chicken or chickening it out”, the others suggest a warning of not believing everything you hear. Find different varieties of this story on the internet. Comment on the endings and find your favourite.