Learning check

2. Vocabulary, translation.

No study aids.

Translate the following words into Danish:


abundance ___________________________________________________________________________


restrain ______________________________________________________________________________


inclination ____________________________________________________________________________


decisive ______________________________________________________________________________


increase _____________________________________________________________________________


to foul one’s nest ______________________________________________________________________


Learning check

1. Vocabulary, explanation.

No study aids.

a) Explain the meaning of the following words in English

b) Use them in a sentence about the poem:


hierarchical    a. _______________________________________________________________________


                      b. ______________________________________________________________________


altruistic         a._______________________________________________________________________




Wider contexts

1. Literary contexts: Other media: written assignment: rewrite the poem into an article and compare.

a) Rewrite the first three stanzas of the poem into an article. Use about 200 words. Reflect on the process: was it a difficult task? Why/why not?

b) Read the article Ian McEwan wrote in 2005: http://www.commondreams.org/views05/0422-31.htm

c) Compare the first part of McEwan’s article with your own. What are the differences and the similarities?

d) Find the poem in the prose.

e) Which do you think will be most persuasive: the poem or the article? Why?


Wider contexts

2. Other works of art: Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth.

Watch Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth and make a rhetorical analysis of the film (see toolbox p. 329-331). Which modes of appeal does Al Gore mainly use? What does Al Gore want to achieve? Compare with Ian McEwan’s poem and article. Which media will be the more persuasive in your opinion? Why?


Wider contexts

3. Political context: President Obama’s speech “A New Chapter on Climate Change”.

Listen to or read President Obama’s speech “A New Chapter on Climate Change” from when he was President-elect in November 2008. http://change.gov/newsroom/entry/president_elect_obama_promises_new_chapter_on_climate_change/

Write down the main points and discuss

a) what the message is

b) what his intentions are

c) what is characteristic of the form 

d) how important you think the climate issue is to Obama

e) also compare this form of conveying the message with that of other forms that you have worked with.