Suggestions For Further Reading

Man and the environment:


Ian McEwan, Solar, 2010.

Margaret Atwood, The Year of the Flood, 2009.

Sacci Lloyd, The Carbon Diaries 2015, Hodder children’s books 2008

Liz Jensen, The Rapture, Bloomsbury 2009


Short Stories

Rob Hopcott, “Highland Beginning”. Short story.

Morris Lurie, “The Larder”. 1984. In Wendy Morgan, Writing from Australia, Cambridge University Press. 1994

Ox-Tales Water: anthology published by Oxfam 2009



Edwin Muir, “The Horses”,1952 in Munksgaards engelsk antologi

Alan Brownjohn, “To See the Rabbit”,

Roger McGough, “Motorway”, 1966 in McGough, Blazing Fruit. Selected Poems 1967-1987. Penguin 1990

Philip Larkin, “Going, Going”, 1972

Margaret Atwood, “Progressive Insanities of a Pioneer” in The Animals in That Country, Oxford University Press, 1968

Genren ecopoetry: see for example Peter Abbs has edited the first Anglo-American anthology of contemporary eco-poetry, Earth Songs and



The Age of Stupid

An Inconvenient Truth

The Road

The Day after Tomorrow

Dian Fossey: Gorillas in the Mist



Ian McEwan, “The Hot Breath of Civilization”, April 22, 2005, Los Angeles Times

David Usborne, “How the West Was Withered. Twelve of America’s national parks, among the most spectacular landscapes in the US, are under threat from climate change symptoms such as forest fires and melting glaciers”, 27 July 2006, The Independent

Elisabeth Kolbert, “The Island in the Wind. A Danish community’s victory over carbon emissions”. July 7. 2008

Dab McDougall, “Time runs out for islanders on global warming's front line”. (Bangladesh and Climate Change)

The Prince of Wales, “Nature Must Come First”, December 14, 2009, Newsweek

Barack Obama, “A New Chapter on Climate Change”, November 2008.

President-elect Barack Obama spoke by video to a climate conference in Los Angeles before he took office.

Barack Obama’s speech to the Copenhagen climate summit, December 18, 2009

Joss Garman, “Copenhagen: A historic failure that will live in infamy” 20 December 2009, The Independent.

Graphic representation of birth rate, death rate, and CO2 emissions. Place the mouse on any country, and the statistics will appear in the bottom left corner.

Glaciers: Then and Now. Robert Henson, The Rough Guide to Climate Change. 3rd edition, 2011.


Man, nature and the city:


David Guterson, The Other, 2008

Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe, 1719

Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea, 1952 (novella)

Herman Melville, Moby-Dick, 1851

Jack London, To Build a Fire, 1908


Short Stories

Rose Tremain, “Death of an Advocate” (inspired by James Tissot’s painting Holyday c.1876, Tate Britain) in Rose Tremain The Darkness of Wallis Simpson and Other Stories, Chatto 2005

Lawson: The Drover’s Wife (1879) in Lægdsgaard and Dahl, Impressions of Australia, Systime 1986



John Clare, “The Hail Storm” (1831) and Ted Hughes, “Wind”

Robert Frost, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” (1922)

Mary Oliver, Wild Geese. Selected Poems. Bloodaxe Books, 2004



Chief Seattle, “We May Be Brothers after all”, 1854 in Steenberg, American Ideals and Ideal Americans. Systime. 1985 and

Ten Bears of the Comanches, Do Not Ask Us to Give Up the Buffalo for the Sheep. In Finn Madsen, The American Indian Today, Systime 1983

Aboriginal Legends, for example in Impressions of Australia, Systime 1986

H.D. Thoreau, Walden; or, Life in the Woods, 1854