Learning check

1. Revision of poem

No study aids.


a) Which historical events are referred to in the poem?












b) How many stanzas does the poem have?



c) Is there a rhyme pattern? If yes, what is it?



d) Are the historical events referred to arranged chronologically?




e) For each word find two corresponding nouns:


























Text-related assignment

1. Written assignment: Write a newspaper column

You are an English journalist who has lived in Denmark for two years. You write a newspaper column (about 400 words) for a Danish newspaper of your own choice where you present your view of the main idea expressed in Payne’s poem. You write in English, and as usual the newspaper translates your column into Danish.


Tips for writing a newspaper column

Newspaper columns appear regularly – daily, weekly, monthly – and express a personal point of view. Study examples of columns in Danish and British newspapers. What other characteristics do they have? Before writing, consider the following points:  

- Why are you writing the column? Is it to entertain, persuade, inform, educate, discuss, express your opinion, give advice?

- Who is your reader? All the readers of the newspaper or a specific group of readers?

- What is your topic? Make a mindmap. Remember that you can create interest in your topic, but you cannot exhaust the topic in your column. Express your views and ideas by referring to facts, current events, commentaries etc.

- Language: personal columns may be informal and conversational, but pay attention to grammar and good English usage. Use the pronouns I, we or you . Make sure your personality gets across to the reader. Write simple and short sentences and paragraphs. Your style must be appropriate for the kind of newspaper you have chosen. Consider which rhetorical tools you want to use (logos, pathos, ethos).

- Structure: think of an opening that will catch the attention of your reader. Make a clear and memorable conclusion.