2. Comprehension and analysis

Check your understanding of the story after your first reading.

T = true, F = false, ? = undecided




The short story takes place in the USA.

The lottery takes place in June every year.

The villagers remember most of the old rituals.

Old Man Warner wants to give up the lottery.

There used to be a saying, “Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon.”

The lottery takes two days.

The lottery is on the mind of the villagers all year round.

Tessie’s family take part in the stoning.

The first round of the draw is to find the family from which the victim is to be drawn.

The second round is to find the victim within the household.

Tessie doesn’t want her married daughter to draw with them.

Tessie thinks that the lottery isn't fair.

Tessie is killed at the end of the story.

The action takes place between 10 a.m. and noon on June 27.


Check your answers as you reread the story.