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a) List the opposites of the following words:


superior                   ­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________________________________________________________


innocent                  ____________________________________________________________________


proud                      ____________________________________________________________________


restricted                 ____________________________________________________________________


honest                     ____________________________________________________________________


moral                      ____________________________________________________________________


deceitful                  ____________________________________________________________________


proper                    ____________________________________________________________________


civilized                  ____________________________________________________________________


conventional           ____________________________________________________________________


b) Which of the words would you use about Lispeth and which about the Chaplain’s wife?


Text-related assignment

1.Written assignment: diary

The Englishman does not mention Lispeth when he writes about the East. Imagine that he kept a secret diary. Write two entries in this diary, one from when he is recovering and one from when he is about to leave for England. (Use about 300 words)


Wider contexts

1. Literary context: other text by the same author, "The White Man's Burden", p. 261

Compare the attitude to imperialism presented in “Lispeth” to the one Kipling expresses in “The White Man’s Burden” (p. 261)


Wider contexts

2. Other works of art: painting by Thomas Jones Barker, The Secret of England’s Greatness

Analyse the painting The Secret of England’s Greatness by Thomas Jones Barker from 1863. It is said to embody the Victorian imperialist ideal.

a) Judging from the painting, what would those ideals be?

b) Can you imagine a situation where Queen Victoria would be the one to bow?

c) Comment on the title of the painting.

d) What does the painting add to your understanding of “Lispeth”?




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