11 Photoes from the partition

2. Individually: Look briefly at the 11 photos from the Partition that the link leads you to.

- Choose the one which fascinates you most.

- In pairs: Describe “your” photo to your partner and account for your choice.



4. Fill in the right form of the words in italics. You may use your dictionary

a) Hundreds of thousands of Muslims and Hindus were moving from India to Pakistan and from


Pakistan to India in search of _______________________________________________. (refugee)

b) A lot of women and children had been __________________________________________ during the

Partition. (abduction)

c) Hundreds of volunteers had been assigned the task of ________________________________ abducted

 women and children. (recovery)

d) To avoid discovery they had found various ways of eluding their ______________________________. (pursue)

e) Many efforts were made to undo the effects of something which had been


 by more or less the same people. (perpetrator)

f) I didn’t wish to ___________________________________________ her within the walls of a regular asylum.



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